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Daras Dhaba

Relive the experience of the Highways of Punjab @ Dara's Dhaba. An ambient Reminiscence of the Nostalgic Charm of traditional wayside Dhaba's that light up the highways of Punjab.

White House Bungalow
White House Bungalow

The unique structure of White House with aesthetic look designed by the renowned Architect Hafiz Contractor and approved by MT...

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Mitti ki Bhaasha
Mitti ki Bhaasha

Our restaurant is called Maati Baani translated as the Language of Earth – “Mitti ki Bhaasha”

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Hotel Marina - Daman

best hotel

Dr D R Trivedi

Simply Superb Resort

Y Parmar

If planning for mahabaleshwar, Dreamland is the ultimate option, spread across 23 acres, you can drive upto your room...

Yuvraj Parmar
Sayeban Hotel

A decent family hotel, with good food service, and walkable distance from toy train station, horses and carts availab...

Yuvraj Parmar